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All dates and times on this site are UTC / Z.

For all links to this site including the examples below, note that:

Direct links



BLOCKHASH must be a valid block hash.
The block must also exist in the current blockchain. Where blocks are orphaned (removed from the chain), they will NOT be found.



TRANSACTIONHASH must be a valid transaction hash.
The transaction must exist in the blockchain - unconfirmed (mempool) transactions will NOT be found.



ADDRESS must be a valid KatKoyn address that has at least one output - in other words, it has received some KatKoyn.
Addresses which have been created in a software or other wallet but never used will not show on this or any other block explorer until they are actually used.



DATA can be a block height, block hash, transaction hash or KatKoyn address.
This is the only way to link using block height. Although the others will work, this uses a redirect so it is more efficient to use the direct links above where possible.

API functions

To ensure these are freely available to all and remain that way, please use them responsibly.

An example - if something is described as being updated hourly, proper use would be to make requests at most once per hour and cache the result on your own system.
Quering it every time your application requires the data and getting large numbers of identical results would be considered excessive use.

You should also check for the returned http status before using any data. Typically 200 for success or 503 if the service is unavailable.
However other codes are possible, and anything which is not 200 indicates some kind of error and that the response data should NOT be used.

Total circulating supply


Returns: Decimal number representing the total KatKoyn mined to date, up to 8 decimal places.
Updated: Hourly
Notes: Blocks exist with non-standard generation amounts, so the total supply is not an exact multiple of the normal generation amounts.

Peer list


Returns: text formatted list of peers which are known to have port 33701 open for incoming connections.
Updated: New items added within a few minutes of discovery, old items purged after 14 days of no connection.
Notes: Output suitable for adding to the configuration file to provide a list of peers on startup.


This site uses Perl 5 for most things, and the database is MariaDB.

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